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The purpose of photography is to capture the present and make it last. Weddings are the day in life you will always want to go back to, so photos need to stay relevant even after 50 or more years. That’s why I don’t pursue short-lived trends, I look for inspiration for colors and compositions in film photography. Throughout the day, I seek not only for joyful and stylish moments, but also for the quiet, gentle moments. I believe you need to see the best and most in love version of yourself in your wedding photos, so my whole wedding photography process is focused on that.

The Process

One of the most important things for me is that you see yourself in the photo, not the awkward or dramatized version of yourself. I achieve this by:

1. Paying special attention to becoming friends before the wedding. After all, we feel most at ease in front of people we trust and have fun with.

2. Through effortless posing. During the photo shoot, time passes quickly, because you are constantly moving, laughing and showing love to each other - so there is no time for awkward and unnatural poses.

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