Z&L gourmet wedding

Vestuvių fotosesija Užutrakio dvare

Zaki, Laura and I met on a Skype call because they live in the UK. I haven't had such a short video call before - we decided to work together in 15 minutes! We immediately found a common interest when topic turned to food 🙂 They wanted a multicultural wedding in a classic style with a strong focus on delicious food. Zaki and Laura's hobby is to travel and visit various dessert shops and to taste various delicacies, so food is very important to them. The preparation of the groom took place in Stiklių st. At the AirBnB in Vilnius, where we had fun little photoshoot with groom's brothers and dad. Immediately after that I drove to the bride's parents' house in Žiežmariai, where all the girls were getting ready too. The ceremony took place in the beautiful manor of Užutrakis, which I have never been inside before, so beautiful and bright in there!

In fact, we fell into a somewhat movie-like situation. The groom stands in the ceremony hall, waiting for the bride led by her father to enter through the door, and she is not showing up… Maybe she escaped? 🙂 No, apparently, a translator of the ceremony got lost, and without it the ceremony cannot take place. Anyway, after quite some time we were able to contact her, the interpreter arrived and the ceremony happened!

And it was truly precious and emotional! The younger cousins ​​played the instruments, there were both tears and laughter - a real joy for the wedding photographer 🙂

This was followed by champagne, guest greetings and a… photoshoot! The photoshoot at Užutrakis manor did not last too long, we took a few shots and drove back to Vilnius, because we could not wait to pop into Užupis and just sit in a cafe, taste desserts and make a photoshoot out of it!

The reception took place at the Shakespeare Hotel, a truly unique and beautiful hall with subtle décor. Delicious food, a series of memorable greetings, a bouquet throw, a mouth-watering cake - the celebration was a success!

CEREMONY - Užutrakis manor

RECEPTION: Šekspyro viešbutis

CAFE Liu Patty desertinė


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