Small wedding - lots of freedom

May 28, 2020
Mažos vestuvės Balyje

The 2020 wedding season introduced a lot of new winds. Yes, they stemmed from the need to obey quarantine laws to control and eradicate the virus, he who should not be named,but humans are by nature adaptable beings and, in my opinion, small weddings are gaining new life from this season. I’ve already written about how I think Covid-19 will affect the industry and one of the points was that the wedding guest list will go down. Not necessarily always, but often in the past, small weddings were usually held for financial reasons, but I sincerely believe that a small celebration brings no less joy but also gives much more freedom and I hope that the tradition of small weddings, which will increase during and after the quarantine, will continue. Here are some of the reasons why:

Finances can be distributed more efficiently

Specialiai nerašiau “sutaupyti”, nes čia jau priklauso nuo kiekvienos poros prioritetų, tačiau naudodama žodį “efektyviau” omenyje turiu net keletą reikšmių. Visų pirma, galite rinktis kokybiškesnius tiekėjus ir taip aplink save susiburti puikią komandą. Taip pat įsivaizduokite, kad vietoje 10 stalų vakarienės metu Jums tereikia papuošti tarkime tik 2, tad su mažiau lėšų stalus galite apipilti nuostabiu gėlių dekoru, kuris atrodys tarsi iš žurnalo. Apibendrinant galima pasakyti, kad čia puikiai tinka frazė “kiekybė < kokybė”

Fewer guests - less hassle

Less hassle - more time for joy 🙂 By inviting fewer people to your wedding, you can be more flexible about the location of the reception part of the celebration. In this case, it is not necessary to book the whole venue, it is possible to reserve a room of your favorite restaurant. There is also another headache for couples to find ways to occupy guests during a photo shoot. However, when there are only a few guests and they are from the nearest circle, they usually have no problem waiting a couple of hours somewhere in the city or in nature until the dinner by going to a cafe, or even returning home to rest before evening.

More personal touches

Those who do not hire a wedding planner often produce various wedding-related details themselves that make the wedding feel more personal. Whether it's name cards or small thank-you gifts for guests… Doing it yourself when there are hundreds of guests at the party is physically very difficult and time consuming, but writing a cute thank you card by hand for each of the 15 guests is an easy job. One example is the wedding of Sarunas and Violeta in Bali where all guests received engraved fans. Since the number of guests was small, this was not only beautiful but also very useful gift that left a pleasant memory of this wedding (which, incidentally, still hangs over my work computer and reminds me of the heat of Bali).

Dream scenario for intraverts

Small weddings are favorable for those who do not feel comfortable in large gatherings of people. And while all of those people are your loved ones, for some it's frustrating when it comes to keeping up with every guest. And when planning a small wedding, it is possible to plan to spend some time in the day for just of two of you (or with a photographer) and relax for a bit from constant communication.

Running away just like in the movies

Another fun part of a small wedding is to pack up your suitcases after dinner and just leave for your honeymoon! We saw this in the movies, when all the guests wave goodbye to a couple in the evening, right? So planning a small wedding would not be so unfortunate to leave the party and not attend till the very end.

For the most adventurous - elopement style wedding

I have previously mentioned that this wedding style is not yet common in Lithuania, but in the US (especially now, in 2020) it is one of the most interesting and fastest growing wedding formats. There is a complete abandonment of the traditional celebration with guests and the couple take a trip fjust two of them and a photographer to some foreign country or just a beautiful location where an outside ceremony takes place. This is usually done somewhere in a very beautiful secluded location, like mountains or, say, a forest, and is about focusing only on each other and spending the wedding day doing favorite things, and the photographer has a chance to capture those moments and create artistic and authentic shots. I really like this page, if you want to explore this option and get some information.

In summary, I would like to say that a small wedding is not the end of the world yet. I believe it can be sad if quarantine takes away the opportunity to gather all your friends around to celebrate your love together, but I like to see the positives in all difficult situations. And in the case of a small wedding, it seems to me those positive things can sometimes outweight negative, right?