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behind the lens

about me

I won't be telling you the story of how I got started in photography (though I am happy to tell it in-person anytime).

What you need to know about me is that even after 14 years doing this as my job, my passion for photography is somehow ever-growing. I never see myself becoming that person who comes into a "yet another" wedding to "get it over and done with". That is why you will always recognise me in any room from. a couple of dangling cameras and exciting eyes looking for that unique shot.

my approach is simply this:

timeless wedding photographs with your best and most authentic selves

When do we like ourselves the most? When we're happy, when we smile sincerely, when we feel safe and seen for who we really are. When we don't have to pretend, when we can enjoy the present moment and not worry about what will happen next. Only then the best photos can be produced.

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gabija elsewhere

you can find me

at my family restaurant, telling stories about champagne and oysters

having slow mornings cuddling with my two cats - Amarone and Abysse

in Italy, I travel there at least once for more than 12 years in a row

answering emails at 2 am, because I am a complete night owl

at a film developing lab. I love my old Olympus point and shoot for some candid shots!

about you

Vestuvių fotosesija Birštone

let me guess, you truly value experiences and good memories, but...

I feel you and I hear you. Good news - that's the phrase that almost all of my couples had told me at first. And yet, their wedding pictures are all over my website and you couldn't tell . Allow me to prove you wrong too in the best way possible.

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you too?

interested in more?

Learn about the "how": how I work, how I approach the day and how can we work together.

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