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that is silk & Kisses

behind the lens

about me

I won't be telling you the story of how I got started in photography (though I am happy to tell it in-person anytime).

What you need to know about me is that even after 14 years doing this as my job, my passion for photography is somehow ever-growing. I never see myself becoming that person who comes into a "yet another" wedding to "get it over and done with". That is why you will always recognise me in any room from. a couple of dangling cameras and exciting eyes looking for that unique shot.

at a glance

you too?

my values

No dramatic or stiff posing, no pretending what you are not or don't want to be. Just genuine smiles, gentle touches, subtle glances and... you enjoying every single second of your wedding day. These will be the pictures you will be looking for years to come, so my goal is to show your best and most in-love selves.


To ensure the standard of service I only take a limited small amount of weddings each season. Do not hesitate inquire about your date as soon as possible!

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